pittcon conference

Pittcon: opportunities at a prestigious scientific conference

Pittcon is an educational conference, shorting is held on a non-commercial principle. It was founded in 1950. At first, she was organized only by eleven volunteers. Today, the Pittcon conference in Pennsylvania is one of the most well-known conferences, which not only holds academic events but also influences the development of science and the increasing interest in it. Money made after the conference is used to support school research projects, laboratory facilities, research grants.

This prestigious conference is open to new formats, such as online meeting and live broadcast. It is such a format as an online conference that can unite a greater number of researchers and professionals for a common purpose. If you have an interesting report, but there is no time for a trip, then this is not a reason not to take part. It is not necessary to cross the continents to tell your idea. The Internet has made communication much easier.

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