Pittcon – a leading annual conference.

Pittcon is a must every year.

Pittcon attracts visitors from industry, science and politics from over 90 countries. The mission is to promote and support educational and charity activities to promote scientific activities.

The Pittcon audience is not just a chemist but a laboratory scientist – anyone who identifies, quantifies, analyzes or verifies the chemical or biological properties of compounds or molecules, or who controls them.

Outgrowing its roots in analytical chemistry and spectroscopy, Pittcon has evolved to become a diverse group of life sciences, pharmaceutical discoveries and quality assurance, food safety, the environment, bioterrorism, and other emerging markets.

Members of the Pittsburgh Conference are selected from members of the Society of Analytical Chemists of Pittsburgh and the Society of Spectroscopy in Pittsburgh. The Two Societies and the Pittsburgh Conference are non-profit organizations for science education. Volunteers, members of the Pittsburgh Conference, are assisted by 11 employees working at the Pittcon office in Pittsburgh.

Security from VDR. 

This dynamic global event provides a unique opportunity to gain a hands-on overview of the latest innovations and find solutions to all your laboratory tasks. The robust technical program provides the latest research in over 2,000 technical presentations covering a wide range of methods and applications. Pittcon also offers over 100 short training courses on a broad range of topics and the ability to communicate with colleagues once a year.

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