Pittcon 2020: New Prospects for Analytical Chemistry

What is Pittcon?

This is the name of the educational conference on such sciences as applied spectroscopy, as well as analytical chemistry, which took place in Pittsburgh. Pittcon is also a non-profit association based in Pennsylvania. Every year she acts as the organizer of the event, as well as exhibitions in various laboratory sciences. The sponsors are the Pittsburgh Spectroscopy Society and the Analytical Chemists Society.
This Pittcon conference is already traditionally the most popular in the world in analytical chemistry and applied spectroscopy. At the same time, people who make a significant contribution to various fields of analytical chemistry are awarded annually.


It turns out that back in the distant 50s it was held as a not-so-large-scale technical event. The venue at that time was one of the local hotels in the city. The first eighteen were of local importance, but later the event received national status.
After 17 years, due to the threat of a strike, the conference was held in Cleveland. A few years later she was moved to the city of Atlantic City. Now the event is being held in one of the cities – New Orleans, Chicago, Atlanta, or in Orlando, Philadelphia.
The conference is held in the spring, namely in March.

The affiliates of this organization include the American Chemical Society, the Department of Analytical Chemistry, the Association of Heads of Analytical Laboratories, the Beijing Conference and many others. Each online meeting of the event participants is a valuable exchange of experience. The live broadcast of the conference will help each audience to become a part of the worldwide event.

A place to store confidential information

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