Microsoft teams vs Zoom – which service is best?

With video conferencing software, you can maintain real-time video communication and send video and audio files to each other at the same time. To do this, you need to download a program for communication on a computer, laptop, phone, or tablet – most support several platforms at once for work. This article will provide a comparative analysis of popular services – Microsoft teams vs Zoom.

Video conferencing software capabilities

Video conferencing software allows you to comfortably communicate, discuss business issues, and hold business meetings. This saves time and resources that were spent on organizing the workspace, business trips. Benefits of video calling software:

  • Easy to use. The functionality of the services is easy to figure out.
  • The scale of the interaction. The number of participants in one video conference can reach several thousand people or be limited to one dozen. It all depends on the needs of users and the purpose of the broadcast.
  • “Live” picture. Video communication conveys more emotions and allows you to come to a solution faster than a telephone conversation.

Each video conferencing platform has its own characteristics and functionality. But the principle of work is the same: to give people the opportunity to communicate via video for communication and solving personal problems.

Microsoft teams

Microsoft Teams (MS Teams) is an online service for teamwork, which provides communication, task, content, and application management functions in one workspace. As a virtual platform for meetings, Teams contains functions and tools that are able to ensure productive teamwork, including the organization and implementation of distance learning. Like many other cloud-based distance learning systems, MS Teams builds online learning management (learning organization) based on learning content. Microsoft Teams is part of Office 365 and is distributed by subscription or, with some restrictions, as a free application.


The Zoom service is used to maintain business relationships, conduct online meetings, and study at schools and universities. You can access the program both from a computer and from a tablet with a phone. Anyone who has created an account can arrange an appointment. The free version of the program allows you to conduct a video conference lasting 40 minutes, but for the period of the pandemic, the service removed this restriction.

Free Zoom subscription includes many collaboration options: HD video conferencing for 100 participants, 40 minutes of local recording of one event in MP4 format, chat, screen sharing, whiteboard, virtual background – chromakey, and much more. Paid Zoom subscription significantly expands your opportunities for collaboration and distributed webinars to up to 10,000 participants.

What is the difference?

Microsoft teams vs Zoom are two services that occupy leading positions in the market, especially in times of pandemic, when distant work is in priority. It is difficult to answer the question of which service is the best because each video conferencing tool offers something unique. However, if you need a fast free ability, you can go to Zoom.

The main advantage of Zoom is its ease of use. Just like other similar services, Zoom includes many useful features for remote teamwork, such as screen sharing, virtual whiteboard, conference recording and storage in the cloud, integration with a whole list of third-party services, sharing files. Zoom Meeting can also be used as a basic chat tool, but if you need a little more – for example, need more attendee support – there are various packages available at a good price.

Microsoft teams are complete with a set of tools. Although the platform can be integrated with additional systems like Salesforce, it is not as flexible as other products.