Pittcon 2020: New Prospects for Analytical Chemistry

What is Pittcon?

This is the name of the educational conference on such sciences as applied spectroscopy, as well as analytical chemistry, which took place in Pittsburgh. Pittcon is also a non-profit association based in Pennsylvania. Every year she acts as the organizer of the event, as well as exhibitions in various laboratory sciences. The sponsors are the Pittsburgh Spectroscopy Society and the Analytical Chemists Society.
This Pittcon conference is already traditionally the most popular in the world in analytical chemistry and applied spectroscopy. At the same time, people who make a significant contribution to various fields of analytical chemistry are awarded annually.


It turns out that back in the distant 50s it was held as a not-so-large-scale technical event. The venue at that time was one of the local hotels in the city. The first eighteen were of local importance, but later the event received national status.
After 17 years, due to the threat of a strike, the conference was held in Cleveland. A few years later she was moved to the city of Atlantic City. Now the event is being held in one of the cities – New Orleans, Chicago, Atlanta, or in Orlando, Philadelphia.
The conference is held in the spring, namely in March.

The affiliates of this organization include the American Chemical Society, the Department of Analytical Chemistry, the Association of Heads of Analytical Laboratories, the Beijing Conference and many others. Each online meeting of the event participants is a valuable exchange of experience. The live broadcast of the conference will help each audience to become a part of the worldwide event.

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Pittcon – a leading annual conference.

Pittcon is a must every year.

Pittcon attracts visitors from industry, science and politics from over 90 countries. The mission is to promote and support educational and charity activities to promote scientific activities.

The Pittcon audience is not just a chemist but a laboratory scientist – anyone who identifies, quantifies, analyzes or verifies the chemical or biological properties of compounds or molecules, or who controls them.

Outgrowing its roots in analytical chemistry and spectroscopy, Pittcon has evolved to become a diverse group of life sciences, pharmaceutical discoveries and quality assurance, food safety, the environment, bioterrorism, and other emerging markets.

Members of the Pittsburgh Conference are selected from members of the Society of Analytical Chemists of Pittsburgh and the Society of Spectroscopy in Pittsburgh. The Two Societies and the Pittsburgh Conference are non-profit organizations for science education. Volunteers, members of the Pittsburgh Conference, are assisted by 11 employees working at the Pittcon office in Pittsburgh.

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This dynamic global event provides a unique opportunity to gain a hands-on overview of the latest innovations and find solutions to all your laboratory tasks. The robust technical program provides the latest research in over 2,000 technical presentations covering a wide range of methods and applications. Pittcon also offers over 100 short training courses on a broad range of topics and the ability to communicate with colleagues once a year.

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Pittcon Conference

Pittcon Conference (PA) is a well-known international event for scientists who create innovation. What is needed for this?

An educational conference is a meeting place for professionals from various industries, the exchange of knowledge, acquaintances for further cooperation. The goal of each such conference is to find the best solutions for current problems and challenges of the modern world. Ecology, economics, entrepreneurship, engineering, web development, education and other areas need new approaches, solutions, products.

The online conference as a new format helps to unite even more people to work on various issues. It is not always possible to travel to another country or city, while live broadcasting is a simple and convenient way to communicate effectively with colleagues. But an online meeting is only part of the tremendous work that researchers are doing. How to organize work more efficiently in a wide variety of industries?

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Pittcon International Conference

All the possibilities of the prestigious Pittcon International Conference

Each educational conference is a set of opportunities. Their quantity and quality depends on the organization: invited speakers, the presence or absence of publication of materials.

The Pittcon Pennsylvania Conference is a practical and most productive event. First, it is an online conference. This format allows everyone to attend. Each scientist that prepared a qualitative report submits his application for participation. Secondly, you no longer need to look for a grant to cover moving and living, spend time on the flight, fill out financial reports and engage in bureaucracy. Online meeting is a format that allows you to focus on an intellectual product, rather than on organizing a trip. It should be said that live broadcasting is as productive a way of communication as live performance. You will have the opportunity to present your report, answer questions, exchange contacts, and then continue to continue professional communication.

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An important advantage of this conference is that it was created on a commercial basis. Each participant whose report has been accepted pays a small amount. All the funds raised after the conference are used to fund research, research, and school projects. Thus, this conference not only collects the best practices, but also has the opportunity to invest in the development of the most promising projects of various directions.

If you are working on your report, you can also create a website. It’s not at all difficult, you don’t even need special skills or knowledge. Using the web designer, you can easily create a free home page. This will give you the opportunity to disseminate the results of work. Each conference participant will be able to visit the site and find out all the details. After all, the report usually lasts 15-20 minutes. Yes, there is a certain time to discuss speeches.

Create your own homepage and do not worry that you did not have time to tell all the details. Leave your contacts, resumes, links to other interesting projects on the page and promote your career, find new colleagues.

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In the modern scientific world, communication is a very important aspect. It is not necessary to constantly go or go to events. Communicate online with professionals and develop your career.



Pittcon: opportunities at a prestigious scientific conference

Pittcon is an educational conference, shorting is held on a non-commercial principle. It was founded in 1950. At first, she was organized only by eleven volunteers. Today, the Pittcon conference in Pennsylvania is one of the most well-known conferences, which not only holds academic events but also influences the development of science and the increasing interest in it. Money made after the conference is used to support school research projects, laboratory facilities, research grants.

This prestigious conference is open to new formats, such as online meeting and live broadcast. It is such a format as an online conference that can unite a greater number of researchers and professionals for a common purpose. If you have an interesting report, but there is no time for a trip, then this is not a reason not to take part. It is not necessary to cross the continents to tell your idea. The Internet has made communication much easier.

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