Choosing the Best Virtual Meeting Apps

Virtual meeting apps are an important tool to help people from different offices and locations work together. These platforms support video conferencing, screen sharing and other features that make it possible for people to collaborate in real time.

Some of the top online meeting platforms include Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Webex. These apps are preferred by many businesses, and they integrate with a number of tools.

Choosing the Best Video Conference App

When it comes to video conferencing, the best option is to use a platform that offers high-quality video and audio. The platform should also provide a simple interface and easy access to all meeting features.

It must also offer limitless cloud storage, so you can easily share the recordings with your team members. It should have the ability to schedule recurring meetings and integrate with your calendar.

Moreover, it should be easy to use for users who are not experts in video conferencing. Some of the best video conference apps feature a simple, intuitive interface that requires little to no training before you can begin using them.

Other features to look for in a video conferencing platform are a good whiteboard, a good recording feature and a plethora of call recording options. Recording a meeting or webinar is a great way to keep track of the progress made and to provide an easy-to-share archive for your team.

Most of the video conferencing platforms have their own built-in recording feature. However, you may need to use an additional software for more specialized features such as live reaction emojis or polls.

Having these extra features will give you the advantage over other companies who are relying on less feature-rich platforms for their video calls. These extras are designed to make the meeting more interactive and engaging for everyone involved.

For instance, Whereby has a unique, four-person meetings feature that allows participants to share videos from YouTube or any other video source in real-time. They can then watch the videos together and discuss them in the meeting.

Gather is another popular meeting platform that provides video calling capabilities. Its user-friendly interface and a variety of templates for a wide range of meetings, from new hires to all-hands gatherings, are designed to promote team collaboration and engagement.

Its signature peer-to-peer and end-to-end encryption makes it a good choice for businesses looking for security, and it is free to try with up to 16 users.

If you are an individual and you don’t want to sign up for an account, you can still join meetings by sending a link to your friends and family. These links are easy to create and share, and they are a great way for people to find out about video calls without having to sign up.

If you are a business owner, you may be interested in a more robust video conferencing solution that supports larger meeting groups and can host webinars. There are a few options to choose from, including RingCentral Video Pro and Jami. These platforms offer unlimited HD video conferencing, desktop and mobile apps, and a variety of other features.

A Guide to Using an Online Educational Conference

Web conferencing is a common term for various forms of online conferencing. These include collaborative services, webinars, webcasts, and online meetings. The web meeting is a type of web-based teleconference. Users can attend the same or different meetings using a webcam and microphone. These services are used to collaborate with others across the globe and can be conducted with high-quality audio and video. This type of teleconference allows participants to participate from anywhere in the world.

It is difficult to communicate with others in an online environment because facial expressions are not readily available. However, online meetings can still be useful for a few other purposes. For example, a forum chat can be a useful way to hold an online meeting. It can also contain links to videos, which can be helpful for those with disabilities. Lastly, a teacher should always notify their participants in advance of any unforeseen events that might affect the meeting.

Fortunately, there are a number of ways to facilitate an online meeting that can benefit your students. First, you can host the meeting from the home of your own computer using GoGuardian. Simply sign in using your student’s school account to make sure that the other people are on the same call. You can then start the group call, and invite participants to join. You can even send messages through the forum chat, which makes it easy for both parties to communicate.

An online meeting can also help students develop relationships with others. Creating relationships with others online will allow the participants to get the most from the meeting. In addition, online meetings enable attendees to find others who share their interests and goals. This will help everyone benefit from the meeting and will ensure that the session is successful. This is why an online meeting is an essential part of the educational process. So, let’s get started! – A Guide to Using an Online Meeting

It’s important to remember that online meetings are not ideal for all types of meetings. Many people find that they cannot communicate with people they do not know. Having a live meeting will make the entire experience less effective and less fun. Nevertheless, it can help students develop a deeper relationship with the teachers they work with. For example, an online meeting can be a great way to share the results of a research study. The findings of the study will be useful in the future of education.

While online meetings can be convenient for many people, they can also limit student participation. An online meeting can hinder learning in areas where a person must interact with others face to face. As a result, an online meeting can limit the chances of successful collaboration. A lack of human contact can hamper social connections and make online meetings less suitable for teaching. For these reasons, an online meeting is not appropriate for every type of activity, including those that require social interaction.

Web Conferencing – How to Conduct a Successful Business Or Educational Conference

What is web conferencing? It is the umbrella term for many different types of online conferencing. These services range from webinars to web meetings. If you are looking to set up a meeting using the internet, this is an excellent option. These services are great for business meetings. You can meet with as many people as you wish and have it happen in just a few minutes. Whether you need to hold a business meeting, collaborate with colleagues, or simply want to have a more personal connection, these services will get the job done.

An online meeting requires the use of video conferencing software. A good video and audio system should allow for multiple simultaneous participants, as this will ensure that everyone in the room can see and hear each other. Make sure your audio and video equipment is compatible with all of the different platforms so that everyone can participate. Also, make sure that the internet connection you are using is wired. Once you’re ready to conduct your first online meeting, you should test the audio and video settings and see if you have problems.

A webcam is essential for video-conferencing, as it allows participants to interact with each other without technical difficulties. You should also make sure that each participant has a camera for capturing video. A webcam is included with most laptops, but you can also install one on your smartphone. This way, you can be assured that everyone will have a good view of each other. A good webcam will allow you to see everyone’s faces and be able to see their expressions.

A good video and audio setup is vital for a smooth meeting. Make sure that the webcam is working well and can be switched on and off at any time. This will ensure a high level of interaction, which is critical for effective meetings. When you’re conducting an online meeting, you should also make sure that you have a high interoperability. This will allow people to interact face-to-face and micro-level.

It’s important to make sure that your online meeting will be a success. Make sure that the technology used will enable you to share the presentation with the other participants. A high-quality video quality will help your participants share and discuss ideas. Having a high quality video and audio system will ensure that your meeting will be a success. If you want to be a part of an online meeting, you’ll have to have a wired internet connection to make it more efficient.

The next step in setting up an online meeting is to make sure that it’s compatible with your computer. There are several formats available to choose from, and you can even have a chat session during a meeting. While you can’t really see each other in an online meeting, it is important to be able to switch between audio and video sources so that you can see both speakers. You’ll also need to check if your computer can handle the audio and video.

Data Room Review: How to Provide Security for Critical Content

Ensuring the reliable functioning of the security for critical content is achieved by the implementation at the facility of a complex of information security tools and systems and its physical protection from unauthorized access.

How to Keep Your Critical Content Secure?

The secure solutions of a critically important object is understood as means of computer technology (automated systems of various levels and purposes, computer networks and centers, autonomous stationery and personal computers, as well as copying and multiplying means in which numerical methods), together with the software used to process information, is part of a critical facility, are used to ensure the reliable functioning and control of the processes of the facility, the disruption or termination of the functioning of which leads to significant negative consequences for national security, international relations, economic damage, damage to human health, property, etc.

There are two virtual solutions that have the same properties of information security and physical protection. The difference is determined by the degree of value of the processed information, its confidentiality, the number of staff of users, the use of physical protection, etc. An important role in this is played by the purpose and characteristics. However, some of them have properties similar to some criteria or similar features. This makes it possible to divide the entire set of OIs into non-overlapping groups and develop typical safety requirements for each group.

Therefore, the main goal of protection of critical content can be decomposed into such particular goals as:

  • prevention of unauthorized access to the territory and the controlled area of the facility;
  • detection of an intruder who has penetrated into the until the moment when he can perform an action, and bringing information about unauthorized access to the physical protection authorities;
  • timely suppression of the action (seizure or neutralization of the offender threatening the operation), which can be committed by the intruder who entered the virtual critical content;
  • taking all possible measures to minimize damage from the implementation of the threat.

What Should You Know About data room review?

As the experience of the best in the high-tech sector shows, highly qualified personnel are increasingly becoming the core of transactions that are directly related to intellectual property or specific competencies. It is important to pay attention to such subtle personality elements during the due diligence phase and develop a special plan to take them into account after the transaction.

Even before the data room deal is closed, smart organizations know that their public statements will be scrutinized. An early message that conveys comfort to the target’s employees will lay an excellent foundation for addressing cultural issues in the future. And once the deal is signed, direct communication with employees should be the first priority. It is especially important to understand what motivates them and what incentive to give them to stay.

Competent parties to transactions identify key employees before buying a company and ensure that the latter are motivated to stay with the company after the deal is closed. At the same time, almost half of the respondents note that after the last transaction, they have lost more than 10% of the employees they hoped to retain. It is significant that among buying companies that experienced a loss in value as a result of the last transaction, this figure rises to 82%.


How does digital technology improve education?

One of the main features of the digital revolution is the penetration of mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers) into our lives. The rapid development of new technologies has a significant impact on modern society, making some changes in the culture of the social sphere, life, and education. This article is about the role of digitalization in education.

Digital technologies in the educational system

One of the areas of digital development is the reform of the education sector, in particular in terms of its digitalization. Children born in the digital age become more motivated to learn when innovative, interactive technologies with the use of modern technical means are used in the educational process.

Digital education is a combination of various components and the latest technologies through the use of digital platforms, the introduction of new information and educational technologies, the use of advanced forms of organization of the educational process and active learning methods,

The digital transformation of education aims to improve its quality, achieve new educational results that are adequate to the requirements of modern digital society. Today there are new requirements for all participants in the education process: from personal and professional qualities, creative, creative opportunities to knowledge and skills of operating them. In the digital society, human education takes place in a digital educational environment, the purpose of which is the development of the digital competence of the individual.

Smart education provides new opportunities for teachers, professionals, students, as well as anyone interested in gaining knowledge. With the help of interactive technologies, the student interacts with a software system, selects and analyzes the information he needs, which encourages him to work independently. Electronic, multimedia textbooks and manuals, interactive systems, digital measuring laboratories – all this is modern education.

Speaking about determining the quality of education in the use of digital technologies, we have identified several groups of indicators:

  • digital technologies in curricula and programs;
  • availability of system and software for educational purposes;
  • access to the Internet and means of communication;
  • increasing the digital competence of research and teaching staff.

How do we use the Internet in education?

Modern digital technologies and network communication are used to organize training. Under this condition, all components of the educational process are preserved: goals, motives, content, activities, control, evaluation of results, etc.

So, the use of the Internet in educational activities can be presented by the following points:

  • information resources: state information resources, corporate sites, business card sites, portals, online publications, news resources;
  • Internet services: search engines and directories; communication services: e-mail, forums, chats, Internet pagers; interactive services: internet television; Web 2.0 services: blogs, social networks, collective encyclopedias, photo, video, audio hosting; Wikipedia;
  • educational resources: distance courses, distance competitions, and competitions, libraries and text repositories, encyclopedias, electronic publications, virtual museums, and exhibitions.

Personalized learning

Digitization of social and domestic environment, business leads to the digitalization of education, which is the introduction of digital technologies in the educational environment, which is an information base. Purpose of digital educational environment (DEC) – personalized organization training systems.

The most important change will be that learning will be personalized. Some universities already make extensive use of artificial intelligence algorithms to achieve this goal. It will also provide students with materials that best suit their individual academic needs.

The offer of personalized, adaptive learning platforms recognizes the diversity that is part of any learning ecosystem. This will be a significant change for universities, as it goes beyond the traditional model of a “single modular handbook for all.

Best Laptops for Online Learning

A good laptop for learning is not necessarily the simplest or, conversely, the top option. It all depends on the specialty chosen by the student and his preferences. The guide will describe the main selection criteria and the best alternatives.

Features of laptops for online learning

When buying a laptop, you must first determine the purpose of the equipment. Both the characteristics of the laptop and its price depend on it.

For training – reading, web surfing, typing, working with spreadsheets and presentations – a budget model with a 2-core CPU and 4 GB of RAM will suffice. The tablet is also suitable. For a student studying to be a graphic designer, architect, it is better to buy a more serious device with an FHD screen, at least a 4-core processor with multithreading support, a good stock of RAM. You will also need a discrete graphics card.

What are the main characteristics?

The basic characteristics include:

  • To decide which laptop with which display you need for training, you should consider three parameters: the size of the diagonal, the resolution, the type of matrix;
  • The choice of a processor depends on the tasks that the user assigns to the computer. If earlier Intel was steeper in terms of logic, and AMD surpassed the competitor in graphics, now the figures are almost equal.
  • Video card. You can choose a laptop with an integrated video card if the student is not a fan of games, and his training does not require work with heavy software. However, for more serious tasks, including graphics programs, as well as games, you should buy a laptop with a separate GPU.
  • A minimum of 24 GB is required. You need twice as much to run heavy applications. If we talk about games with a large-scale world, software for 3D modeling and sound design, a laptop with 16 gigabytes of RAM is suitable.
  • HDD. Ordinary hard ones are cheaper but louder. With SSD laptops I work smarter and without noise.
  • When choosing a laptop for training on the body, you should consider the possibility of upgrading. If you need it, then you need to pay attention to the model with a removable battery, as well as free slots for RAM and storage. You should also pay attention to the material.

The best alternatives

There are the best laptops that are considered top examples of decent models:

  • Lenovo IdeaPad 320-15IKB 2 cores, 8 GB of RAM, a discrete card of 2 GB – and all at an affordable price. Such parameters are enough even for games with minimal settings, not to mention everyday tasks.
  • Dell XPS 13 9370 is the best option for graphics. 4K display, powerful CPU – Core i7-8550U and 8 gigabytes of RAM. In addition, the IPS panel provides a wider viewing angle, allowing multiple people to look at the screen without missing a single detail.
  • Apple A1990 MacBook Pro 15 “universal workstation. Powerful processor, 16 GB of RAM, 4 GB GPU, and a good screen: the device can handle almost any task. With the advent of the M1 chip, the device becomes incredibly productive and fast. CPU power has increased 2.8 times. Graphics processing speed – up to 5 times.
  • HP Pavilion 15-eh1004ua 1 is a perfect choice if you often have to combine video conferencing, web browsing, spreadsheets, and presentations. The battery of a switched-off device can be charged up to 50% in just 45 minutes.

Microsoft teams vs Zoom – which service is best?

With video conferencing software, you can maintain real-time video communication and send video and audio files to each other at the same time. To do this, you need to download a program for communication on a computer, laptop, phone, or tablet – most support several platforms at once for work. This article will provide a comparative analysis of popular services – Microsoft teams vs Zoom.

Video conferencing software capabilities

Video conferencing software allows you to comfortably communicate, discuss business issues, and hold business meetings. This saves time and resources that were spent on organizing the workspace, business trips. Benefits of video calling software:

  • Easy to use. The functionality of the services is easy to figure out.
  • The scale of the interaction. The number of participants in one video conference can reach several thousand people or be limited to one dozen. It all depends on the needs of users and the purpose of the broadcast.
  • “Live” picture. Video communication conveys more emotions and allows you to come to a solution faster than a telephone conversation.

Each video conferencing platform has its own characteristics and functionality. But the principle of work is the same: to give people the opportunity to communicate via video for communication and solving personal problems.

Microsoft teams

Microsoft Teams (MS Teams) is an online service for teamwork, which provides communication, task, content, and application management functions in one workspace. As a virtual platform for meetings, Teams contains functions and tools that are able to ensure productive teamwork, including the organization and implementation of distance learning. Like many other cloud-based distance learning systems, MS Teams builds online learning management (learning organization) based on learning content. Microsoft Teams is part of Office 365 and is distributed by subscription or, with some restrictions, as a free application.


The Zoom service is used to maintain business relationships, conduct online meetings, and study at schools and universities. You can access the program both from a computer and from a tablet with a phone. Anyone who has created an account can arrange an appointment. The free version of the program allows you to conduct a video conference lasting 40 minutes, but for the period of the pandemic, the service removed this restriction.

Free Zoom subscription includes many collaboration options: HD video conferencing for 100 participants, 40 minutes of local recording of one event in MP4 format, chat, screen sharing, whiteboard, virtual background – chromakey, and much more. Paid Zoom subscription significantly expands your opportunities for collaboration and distributed webinars to up to 10,000 participants.

What is the difference?

Microsoft teams vs Zoom are two services that occupy leading positions in the market, especially in times of pandemic, when distant work is in priority. It is difficult to answer the question of which service is the best because each video conferencing tool offers something unique. However, if you need a fast free ability, you can go to Zoom.

The main advantage of Zoom is its ease of use. Just like other similar services, Zoom includes many useful features for remote teamwork, such as screen sharing, virtual whiteboard, conference recording and storage in the cloud, integration with a whole list of third-party services, sharing files. Zoom Meeting can also be used as a basic chat tool, but if you need a little more – for example, need more attendee support – there are various packages available at a good price.

Microsoft teams are complete with a set of tools. Although the platform can be integrated with additional systems like Salesforce, it is not as flexible as other products.

Virtual Meetings Are Convenient

Online meetings or virtual meetings usually held using a web browser or other computer program are growing in popularity because they enable people to connect globally, grow productivity, and cut travel expenses. In most cases, companies use online meetings for internal meetings and training purposes. Educational conferences sometimes also use online meetings to reach a larger number of people than could be reached by traditional methods. Online meetings are usually held at the same time and at different locations. This increases the chances of the participants staying present and engaged throughout the meeting. Most educational conferences and other types of meetings, however, still require participants to be physically present in the meeting venues.

There are many uses for online meeting software. One of these is for educational and training purposes. Educational conferences sometimes use video conferencing software to conduct the proceedings and to show slides or videos to the participants. The participants need to have web conferencing software installed on their computers for this purpose. A web conference server is used to send the presentations to the participants.

Some employers are using online meetings for employees and students. Employees can take advantage of online meetings for a variety of reasons. One of these is for discussing school-related issues with parents or other individuals who work for the company. For instance, a school may have a Parent Teacher Program where all teachers can email messages to parents under the same password that students use for the web site. Another common use for video conference software is for parents to locate their children during a school break. By using video conference software, teachers can make sure their children are safe and can attend class online rather than trying to go find them on their own.

Educational conferences are not the only times that successful online meeting systems are used. Many times there are problems involving time zones between locations. If people around the world do not have the same time zone differences, they can not participate in the meeting. When participants need to be available at a specific time, this can make it difficult to have a productive online meeting. This is where video conferencing can come into play.

Using video conference services, parents can record the meeting that will then be sent to their computer. With video conference software, a parent can view the pre-recorded presentation and then make their own copies. Then they can view the copies on their computer and listen to the recorded presentation.

In some instances, companies are using online meeting solutions to provide their employees with information that they need. For example, they may want to show a virtual meeting where employees can see a desktop demonstration of a company website. With screen sharing, employees can see this on their own computer screen, without being present. Another advantage of having this type of online meeting solution is that the employees can collaborate from various locations around the globe. Employees may be able to view company information from their laptop in Thailand, while another employee in the United States can see a different version of the website from their office in Japan.

Some businesses use online meetings to train their staff members. Since they can be recorded, staff can view presentations and take notes throughout the meeting. They can also use the video conferencing applications to conduct interviews with clients or employees who are unable to attend the actual meetings. Another advantage is that web conferencing saves time. Instead of having to travel to each location to conduct meetings, people can communicate through web conferences.

Video conferencing and online meetings are very convenient. When used properly, they can save time and money. Businesses can use them to provide educational seminars or live broadcasts of other people’s conferences. The next time you need to conduct an important meeting, consider using a video conferencing service instead of hiring a large conference room.

Enhance Your Online Meetings Using Zoom Meetings

An Online Meeting service is a full web video conference solution which combines all online services in one single interactive online meeting solution. Online meeting services let you use the internet connection from your personal computer for a full featured online meeting solution. You can share documents and presentations with people around the world by simply setting up an online meeting with them. Online meetings are very useful when it comes to getting your point across to people who are far away or travelling.

This new generation offering is basically an online meeting solution that includes advanced tools to help you communicate with your audience. With a simple click of the mouse you can share images, videos, documents as well as documents with others in a chat field. You can chat through a browser or connect to an online chat service such as Yahoo Messenger, AIM and so on. These are generally known as zoom meetings.

One of the biggest advantages of online meeting software is that it offers complete collaboration and communication with other members of the team. Zooming in this direction, you can create mini-conferences as well. Zoom meetings are helpful when you want to share information with someone who is not physically present. You can discuss topics like marketing strategies, plans, product enhancement ideas and so on. These are generally known as visual online meetings.

One of the big advantages of online meetings is that they are a cost effective solution for collaboration as well as virtual meetings. This will be beneficial as your online meetings will help cut down on travel costs and save money on accommodation. Even if the discussions do require some travel costs, as long as you share your notes and documents, you will not have to spend a lot on accommodation.

Another amazing feature offered by online meeting software is the power of PowerPoint. PowerPoint is one of the most used presentations in the world and it will help you present information in a better way. This feature is very handy when you want to inform participants about the project details. The slide shows the entire presentation from start to finish and does not display any text or images.

It is also possible to share pictures using a Web cam and have a meeting through email. Sharing images through web cam is the easiest way to get participants involved in a virtual meeting. Also you can share information and documents through instant messengers like MMS and YRN. This feature is a great option for document collaboration as it allows online meeting solution users to share their documents in a variety of ways.

The most popular form of online meetings today is what is known as zoom meetings. This feature enables participants in the online meeting to see and hear a slide presentation (containing several components) at different views. For example, the top view can show the presenter’s desktop, while the middle view can show other participants’ desktops as well as those of the room. Last but not least, the bottom view can show the attendees’ mouse pointers. By using this feature, participants can easily move around the presentation and make their choices accordingly.

In addition to the zoom feature, online meeting solutions that support webinars also provides two other useful features. First, it provides online sharing of course descriptions. Course descriptions are typically composed of term/term names, outlines and summary chapters. When webinars are hosted using webinars software solution, participants will be able to get access to the full course description, which includes chapter titles, author names and more. When you host your webinars using this feature, your attendees will also be able to obtain the course description and have a good idea of the topic.

Using Placeware With Your Online Meeting Platform

Online meetings or virtual meetings, held over the internet or using a web-enabled computer program are growing in popularity throughout companies large and small because they want to connect to geographically dispersed teams, improve productivity, and cut travel costs. Historically, these types of meetings were typically used for board meetings, but have since grown to include a wide variety of business functions including; sales presentations, investor meetings, staff meetings, and education and training programs. They are also used for seminars, product demonstrations, press releases, free business presentations, introductions, product demos, and teleseminars among other purposes. In today’s economic climate this type of meeting has become quite popular due to their low cost and convenience. Below is a discussion of what you can expect when you attend an educational conference online.

In an educational online meeting software solution you’ll be assigned a seminar host that will generally be a professional speaker who specializes in the niche your company represents. The purpose of the seminar host is to provide guidance on the specific needs of your audience, answer questions, make suggestions, answer questions, give testimonials and otherwise assist your attendees during the duration of the seminar. There are some online meeting solutions that enable the attendees of the seminar to call home telephones so they can take their own messages, and there are others that do not. You should consider which type of interface makes the most sense for your audience. Some people are visual and others are more comfortable listening while browsing on a screen than in person.

Educational online meetings have many benefits, such as reduced costs, more flexibility, increased productivity, higher attendance, more opportunities for collaboration, increased communication, increased knowledge sharing, and enhanced understanding. One of the advantages of virtual meetings is that there is no travel expenses for your entire team. Most online meeting software solutions offer discounts on the rates for additional speakers and hosting fees. You don’t have to pay for hotel accommodations, food, or even a cab fare when you participate in online educational meetings. With online meetings, you can even take your laptop with you if you want!

Educational online meetings tend to be highly productive. You’ll be able to hold group meetings that cover wide topics such as the latest news on your company’s products and services. Your team members will appreciate the opportunity to discuss complex matters such as financial issues and complicated litigation without having to worry about time. If you want your team members to remember important information, you might want to consider video conferencing. Through video conferencing, your team members can view a slide presentation that helps them remember what was discussed.

In addition to educational and productive meetings, you may also want to conduct business during off hours. When you participate in educational or productive online meeting solutions, you can still conduct business during non-peak hours, such as night or weekend. Since online meeting solutions include a great number of features, it’s easy to conduct business while your employees are at home. For example, you can record a video conference that shows employees at their desk working. Then you can upload the video to a site like YouTube so your team members can watch it.

Another highly recommended resource for conducting online conferences is Google Hangouts. Hangouts can be accessed through a variety of web browsers. It’s highly recommended that you join a free conference call hosting service before committing to Google Hangouts. Google Hangouts offers free video conferencing, which is very helpful for businesses that aren’t able to meet in person. Google Hangouts will allow your team members to view and hear the video conference live.

It’s also a good idea to participate in a virtual brainstorming session before you host an in-person meeting. This way you can gather input from all of your team members on a wide variety of topics before making a decision. You can create a virtual “cork board” online where you can list possible solutions to any problem you come up with. This will help you arrive at a solution faster than if you were to conduct a physical conference call.

To help make your Google Hangouts experience even better, try to get some Placeware. This is a great way to get some ideas from your online conference participants. Some of the best Placeware tools include: Google Hangouts plus a chrome extension and gotomeeting. If you use gotomeeting on your Google Hangouts meetings, be sure to download the Google Chrome extension. These extensions will automatically put your files into your clipboard when you are done sharing a conversation.